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Artist's biography

Maks Mane is a talented artist, street artist, and illustrator, born on April 30, 1990, in Kyiv, Ukraine. Maks began to show his love for art at an early age, and in 2001 he began creating art.

One of the main elements of Maks's style is spray art. Thanks to his vast experience with painting walls in this style, he has completed more than 200 surfaces and painted more than 150 paintings, which decorate many streets and buildings in various cities around the world. His unique style, combining different techniques and elements of Neo-Expressionism, creates stunning, dynamic, and vibrant works of art.

Maks Mane not only creates street art but also works with painting commissions and painting walls indoors. He offers services to create beautiful and original paintings, murals, and wall murals in a variety of styles, including Neo-Expressionism. Each work is unique and made with the individual requirements and wishes of the client in mind.
Maks Mane, Art director
Maks Mane, artist
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Maks Mane, Performance
Maks Mane is a true professional in his craft and continues to develop his creative abilities. He pays great attention to every detail of his works and strives to convey his emotions through his works. His art leaves an unforgettable impression on all who have seen work and continues to inspire other artists around the world.